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Explore this page: Space OddityFuture going to vs present continuousHow I harnessed the wind (PIN: 3YFGK9)
April 19th Personality testWhat type are you? (agenda web personality)Character and personality May Passive Voice (PIN: GYRB5C) Reported Speech (PIN: GK02S0) June Let me love you song (RD Lessons)
JulyGuess how the song goes on
Revision AugustVocabularyGrammarRelative clausesParaphrasingComplete with one wordToo, enough, veryClozeCatsGutenbergPerfect tensesPresent and PastFuture perfect

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MarchESL plus – opposites matching Position of adverbsKahoot
April3rd April·Question words (Educarex) ·Present Simple (Basketball)

10th April
·Adjectives (learn English British Council)
·Emotions (snakes and ladders game)
·Present Simple (Basketball)
·Anglomaniacy: Feelings