Hi guys! We'll be using this blog the whole year. Hope you like it!

March/April 26th to 29thFamily (scroll down)Family with videos 2nd to 5th School suppliesSchool wheel gameSchool subjects word search 9th to 12th Crossword with simple present verbsColour the familyMonkey game 23rd to 26th Enough (The British Council)Too or enough (esl exercises)Agenda web (around the city)
May 7th to 10thQuizlet on vocabulary unit 1 14th to 17th Quizlet with too and enoughPresent simple vs present continuousBillionaire gameSnakes and ladders game Revision for the test (+ previous units) Quizlet starter unitFull revision unit 1 quizlet
Second term!!!! June 4th to 7th Was/were Learn EnglishEnglish Grammar: was or wereIrregular verbs 
Negatives Questions 
Quizlet unit 3: jobs and makesome verbs and other wordsadjectives and nouns

Flyers (Children 6)

Hi everybody. We'll be using this blog all year long. Hope you enjoy it!

March/April 26th to 29th English is funRD Lessons: Despicable meFamilyFamily with videos
2nd to 5thVocabularyComputer and technologyTechnology timeMillion dropdown game 9th to 12thTelling the time (bang the time and stop the clock)Hickory dickory dock (mouse eating cheese)Clockworks BBC 16th to 19thTechnology timeTechnology time hangmanGadgets 23rd to 25th  Myths, heroes and beasts (unit 1 quizlet) Monkey Puzzles Tour

May 7th to 10th Myths and legendsHeroes of Myths game
May 21st to 24th (revision for test together with previous weeks) Vocabulary TransportGames on transport (British Council)Memory game (transportation)Transportation pirate gameMoonshot transportation game (you can play in pairs)Quizlet on High technologyQuizlet unit 1 (mythological creatures) do also the other quizlet on unit 1 Myths, heroes and beastsQuizlet unit 2 (vocabulary)

Will (British Council)Future predictionsImagine the future

pre- FCE

Hi guys, we're going to work with Will Smith. Complete the tasks from the video.

March April Now let's work with another video

April 10th Present Simple vs. Present Continuous Exercise 1Exercise 2Exercise 3
April 23rd to 26thQuizlet on familyQuizlet on phrasal verbs
May 7th to 10th Quizlet on vocabulary unit 2Quizlet on phrasal verbs unit comparativesComparatives and superlativesAn introduction to superlativesIrregular comparative/superlativesComparative/superlatives revisionParaphrasing comparatives/superlatives  June 11th to 14th Quizlets

Sports and free timeMore vocabulary on unit 3
Unit 4Quizlet on vocabularyQuizlet on phrasal verbsLyrics training Earth Song by Michael Jackson